My TOP 7 daily Tips to Help Anxiety!

With so many important issues, to-do’s to tackles and just the overall pressure of life, it’s easy to let anxiety, fears and nerves take control. You’re not alone! The good news is that there are lots of ways to help relieve your stress. Here are my top 7 tips that I practice daily to help with anxious feelings.

  1. Eat a nutritious meal:

Sometimes all our bodies need is a well balanced meal of proteins, carbs, and fats! My go-to is this Protein Bowl:
-bed of mixed greens
-cauliflower rice/brown rice
-roasted veggies: butternut squash, roasted peppers, and brussel sprouts
-protein of choice: I love salmon
-top with avocado and some olive oil! 

  1. Lying down and resting your eyes:

Lots of time we are all go-go-go! It is so important to take some time to lay down, put up your feet, and not look at a screen.  Even if it is only 5 mins out of your busy schedule, you will feel rejuvenated and less anxious to go about your day. When you rest, try to only focus on the rise and fall of your breath.  This is so soothing for me and helps me feel very grounded and centered.

  1. Going Outside and getting Fresh Air and Sunshine:

Try going for a walk outside.  One of my favorite things to do is taking a walk by the ocean.  I love listening to the waves roll in, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the sunshine on my skin! It’s amazing how getting in nature lowers anxiety drastically.  If you don’t have time for a walk, try to eat a meal outside or just take a 5min beak to get outside and take some deep breaths.

  1. Turn your Phone Off/Airplane Mode:

The average american spends about 5hrs a day on their phone!! Try to manage your daily phone time and be more efficient rather than mindless scroll for hrs on social media.  Something that has really helped me is putting my phone away when spending time with loved ones. This really helps me be present and more engaged in my relationships. Having direct eye contact and meaningful conversations with people in real life verses on a screen will lower anxiety significantly.  Another tip with screen time is to put it away an hr before bed. You will fall asleep a lot faster and more peacefully. 

  1. Making a Cup of Tea:

There is something soothing and calming about a nice hot cup of tea.  There are numerous benefits to Herbal Tea, such as; boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress!   Some of my favorites are Camomile, lemon ginger, and Throat Coat. Maybe add some fresh lemon and honey for more flavor! 

  1. Call a Loved One/Supportive Friend:

It is so important to love and receive love.  Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word from someone we trust and adore.  Living out in the countryside near Santa Cruz CA, I spend a lot of time driving from place to place.  When I have service haha, I always will call a friend or family member to check in. I have no immediate family in CA, so it is so important to me to have daily conversations with loved ones to stay connected and caught up in one another’s lives.  During busy weeks where I will have less time to talk, I for sure will start to feel more stressed than usual. It is so important to have a tight community of uplifting and supportive people in your life. Pour into people that make you smile, laugh, and feel good!  Those are the relationships you will have for life. When you hang up, let the stress-relieving hormones rush in! 

  1. Make a Healthy Dessert!:

Who else has a sweet tooth, but wants to feel good not sick after eating dessert?!    One of my favorite hobbies is playing around with healthy dessert recipes. Baking can be so calming and stress-relieving.  I love to put on some good music or a podcast and just get lost in the kitchen. One of my favorite and EASY to make treats right now is Frozen Chocolate Almond Butter Covered Dates! YUM. 

Step 1: Melt dairy free chocolate chips with almond butter
Step 2: Medjoul Dates: Take out the pits and cut in half
Step 3: Take the date halfs and scoop the melted chocolate almond butter into them
Step 4: Put in container and freeze 
Step 5: Enjoy whenever you are craving something nutritious and delicious!

Check back for more delicious Healthy Dessert recipes to come!  

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