One method for all

One method for all

Experience transformative movement that will amplify your strengths, lengthen and tone your muscles, and leave you feeling confident.

The only method you’ll need

This is the method you’ve been craving. Experience transformative movement through Pilates, Barre, Yoga, stretching, cardio exercises, and meditation. These unique movements will bring about a new sense of body awareness. They will amplify your strengths, lengthen, and tone your muscles, and leave you feeling confident. These classes are for everyone from beginner to expert. We are so glad you’re here.

Your Membership Includes

• Library of Pilates classes including HITT, yoga, barre, and stretch
• Focused stretch and muscle-specific exercises included
• Access to classes on all your devices including iOS and android
• Beginner, intermediate, and experienced levels, plus prenatal and postnatal
• 60+ workouts to choose from with new workouts all the time
• Weekly workout calendar provided by Sydney
• Dual camera angles to help with form and focus
• Access to private Facebook community

What to expect

The FITXSYD Difference

Grounded in Pilates, FITXSYD is centered around effective low impact, high repetition movements that lengthen and tone your body. These classes will help you perfect your form, technique, and coordination while falling in love with the burn! Sydney’s one of a kind teaching and fitness method will leave you feeling strong, balanced, and satisfied.

Sydney’s exercises will enhance your strength, flexibility, posture, and the mind-body connection. She teaches you how to execute time-effective exercises that increase your body awareness and overall well being. Her method will leave you feeling more joyful and confident after each class!


Class Levels

Take a deep breath

Relax, take it slow. These movements are meant to help you connect your body and mind. Focused on breath control and technique, these classes will leave you rejuvenated.

Feel Good
Rewarding and satisfying

These mood-boosting workouts meant to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Fall in love with the burn that will leave you feeling energized.

Get ready to sweat

For those who want to see results fast, let’s get sweaty and feel the burn. These workouts emphasize body toning movements that build lean muscle.

Class Categories

Pilates Essentials
Let’s improve your range of motion and posture. These active stretches will decrease injury and muscle soreness.
Strength and Endurance Training
These high-intensity interval training workouts will leave you sweaty and satisfied. From full body to muscle group focused, you will feel the burn in all the right places.
Ballet inspired exercises focused on lifting, lengthening, and toning those smaller muscle groups. Grab a chair or the back of a sofa and fall in love with the burn!
Prenatal and Postnatal
Reduce back pain and swelling and increase your energy and mood with these safe and effective workouts for each trimester and beyond. Always listen to your body and stay hydrated.
Lean Muscle Building
Add weights and resistance to increase muscle tone, definition, and strength. Push past your comfort level and feel accomplished.
Let’s improve your range of motion and posture. These active stretches will decrease injury and muscle soreness.
Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength with a refreshing yoga flow. These exercises will increase your energy, improve your body awareness, and enhance your overall mood!