Meet Sydney

Meet Sydney

My name is Sydney Leigh Nelson and I’ve created FITXSYD with beautiful, functional movement to help lengthen and strengthen each individual. It is meant for every person under the sun!​

I am a mother, a wife, and a health and group fitness trainer certified in Barre technique, TRX, Yoga Sculpt, and others. I’m also a professionally trained dancer and the creator of FITXSYD. I love all things health and wellness and I hope some of what I have to share resonates with you!

When I was 15 years old, I took my very first group fitness class which left a lasting impact. It put me on a path to not only pursuing an education in health and wellness but working day in and day out to perfect the movements that I believe are the core to FITXSYD. Over the past 8 years, I have struggled on and off with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy that were a result of an unhealthy body image. As a dancer, you live in front of the mirror and the idea that I was never good enough seemed to circle my thoughts. I woke up and decided I didn’t want to live like this anymore, which was the beginning of my journey to a healthy relationship with my mind, body and soul.

My journey towards health and wellness is a daily decision. I have found certain daily steps that can and will help us change our thought processes and lead us toward a healthy body image. I can tell you this—it is a daily commitment to combat the feelings of negative self-image. I believe we are each uniquely and wonderfully designed and if we allow ourselves to tap into the right tools while surrounding ourselves by a community of support, we can move forward and realign our thoughts. I long to build genuine relationships with my clients and I want to educate others on the importance of loving and treating your body with complete care and respect, inside and out. If you take the time to invest in yourself, you will never be the same. Join me and this tribe of incredibly strong and capable women all over the world, and let’s get moving together!

My greatest desire for FITXSYD is that it would empower YOU to embrace the incredible body you have been blessed with. I want to help change the thought process from obsessing over appearance into embracing confidence and strength!

I always look forward to a workout with Sydney–she is beautiful inside and out, and brings her joy and positive energy to every class.  She challenges us to push ourselves to our own personal limits, and provides variation to keep things fresh.  Her amazing attitude and lovely magnetic personality keeps me (and many others) coming back week after week!

Sharon K

Sydney is a breath of fresh air. Her spirit can lift the entire room. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable in fitness, but she is a lovely human to be around. She has a way to make everyone she’s working with feel completely welcome and comfortable as if we are all one. Her workouts leave you feeling empowered, sore, and wanting more!

Hannah B

I love all things FitxSyd! Not only are her workouts super effective, she is such a joyful spirit and her workouts and positivity make you feel enlightened and ready for the day! She’s one of the most healthy, upbeat humans—you’ll be so encouraged and benefit greatly from these workouts! And don’t even get me started on the results I’m already seeing- can’t say enough good things!

Bekah S

Sydney’s energy and positivity are magnetic—she is fun, upbeat, and reminds me my goals are within reach. Not only is she experienced and knowledgeable, she makes fitness fun in a way that often has me laughing through the burn! I love taking her classes and highly recommend her for group classes, and if you’re lucky enough to get a spot, for private sessions, too.

Erin D

I am so thankful for the joyful motivation that Sydney brings to every one of her classes! She explains each workout with so much clarity and enthusiasm, while exercising alongside me to demonstrate each move. There’s always a sense of accomplishment and happiness after working out with Sydney.

Lindsay B

About two years ago I was in a terrible car accident. I was unable to move and felt like my body gave up on me. Since doing your workouts I’ve felt a big difference. Mt flexibility is returning on my left hip, and I feel the best I have in quite some time. Thank you for being my positive smiling face through these workouts that are clearly designed to kill me, kidding, I meant to make me stronger and healthy!!

Mary Joe L.