My Pregnancy Journey

As I write this blog about being pregnant, it still feels so surreal! My dream was always to be a young mom and have a large family. I remember when I was 10 years old, I shared with my 5th grade class that I longed to have 5 Bernese mountain dogs and 5 children. I envisioned them each riding a dog to school, and then the dogs would pick them up and bring them home! LOL! I mean.. I think that is still a dream of mine today honestly. It’s almost comical that my husband Scott is one of five kids and his first dog was a Bernese! Lets just say it was destiny to be together.

I found out I was pregnant when I was about 3 weeks along. I was absolutely exhausted.. Longing for daily naps, I knew something was going on. When we found out, we were both in complete shock with how fast it all happened. In awe of this amazing blessing I couldn’t wait to tell everyone in sight. Before being pregnant, I didn’t know much about the symptoms of pregnancy and “rules” that were socially acceptable. I immediately started listening to podcasts and asking loved ones all sorts of questions.

I quickly learned that the first trimester is hard. I was very tired and often nauseous. I think the hardest part was not telling all of my clients. I get up at 5am to teach most mornings and the thought of coffee made me feel sick to my stomach. I also had a few nightmares of miscarrying. I quickly learned that all of these things are very common but often not talked about. I am so grateful that I have so many amazing women in my life that I could count on for support and encouragement during that time. The first ultrasound was unbelievable. Seeing that little body, I could just cry. With each appointment and ultrasound, I felt more and more connected to the little miracle that was growing inside of me. Soon I didn’t care about the nausea or exhaustion because it just reminded me of the huge blessing inside my growing belly!

We had a goal to start FITXSYD soon and once we found out we were pregnant, we had to start filming ASAP before I started showing. It was a little hard to film the workouts during my first trimester since I wasn’t feeling 100% but I’m so glad we did! I can’t wait until I can start filming again for you guys after the baby arrives!! I will do a whole postnatal section then lots more regular videos to follow! 

At 12 weeks we found out we were having a little boy!! I was ecstatic because I have nannied mostly boys and have always dreamed of having my own. I immediately felt so connected to him and couldn’t wait to brainstorm names. At 17 weeks I felt him kick for the first time. It was such a special moment I will never forget. All I wanted to eat was toast, raw veggies, and pickles lol! The second trimester was as amazing as they all say! I had way more energy and the nausea was gone. I felt more like myself and it was so fun to share my news with everyone! At my 20 week ultrasound the gender was officially confirmed and we finally could announce to the world that we were having a boy! Towards the end of my 2nd trimester I started to experience intense acid reflux. As our baby boy was growing, he was pushing all my organs up and it was getting harder to breathe. Since there was less room in there, I had to start eating smaller meals so I wouldn’t throw them up or have intense pain in my chest. The only “medicine” I have had to take this whole time is chewable Pepcid tablets.. They have been a life saver!! 

As I entered my 3rd trimester and my belly finally started to grow more, It all felt even more real. I pray for him everyday and now just dream of seeing that little face for the first time! At 28 weeks, my belly was “measuring small” at my appointment so we had to schedule a growth ultrasound to make sure he was on track. Thankfully he was! My belly was just tight and compact. At 30 weeks is when I finally “popped” and was measuring back on track again. Everyday I feel so blessed with a healthy baby growing strong inside of me. 

Scott and I were grateful to have a baby moon in Byron Bay, AUS, following a work trip. We went to Byron on our honeymoon so it was so wonderful to go back and visit all the amazing spots where we had the best time of our lives. It is the perfect little beach town to relax and explore.The water is crystal clear and the weather is perfect. Scott spent a lot of time surfing while I got to relax on the beach. We hadn’t had this type of quality time since our honeymoon, and it was a week I will cherish forever. It felt amazing to slow down and just enjoy each other’s presence, just the two of us.

When we got back from our babymoon, that is when everything started to get crazy with the CoronaVirus. I am so thankful we still got to have that trip before everything got really serious. Baby boy started to grow more and It was getting a little harder to wake up at 5am to teach my group fitness classes. I was determined to teach my whole pregnancy, even if that meant mostly verbal cueing towards the end. When we had to close the studio I work at, it was devastating that I wasn’t going to be able to see all my clients everyday. We started to do Zoom classes instead, so at least that was a great alternative! I went from teaching 10 classes a week to 2.. But I think my body was grateful that I was forced to slow down. I still felt amazing when I taught, and just modified when needed. I am currently 38 weeks along, and I taught my last class this week. I am still staying active and walk about 6 miles a day and swim 10-20 laps. I love moving my body because it gives me more energy and joy! I highly recommend doing my prenatal workouts throughout pregnancy. I feel like it has made a huge impact on my overall pregnancy journey to stay active and strong while growing this little babe!

I have really enjoyed my growing belly, and I’m so grateful that I have fully embraced the changes my body has gone through. I have gained 30lbs, and feel so strong and healthy! Scottie jokes and calls me Santa now LOL. It is so fun to feel this baby boy rolling around in there.. I just love it when he pushes his little feet out! He gets hiccups about three times a day now which is just the craziest thing to me!! I just went in for my 38 week check up and was measuring small…again. Immediately after my appointment I got another growth ultrasound to see how he was doing. Usually you don’t get to have anymore ultrasounds after 20 weeks so I was so excited I had a chance to see his little face again! Thankfully, he was totally perfect and on track… I guess it’s just the way my body carries. He must be pretty squished in there lol!

I can’t believe he will arrive any day now!! I am so excited to give birth!! What an unique and indescribable experience. Everyday I feel so much joy to meet him and pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and can’t wait for the day where I don’t have to get up five times a night to pee!! I promise I will do a little blog post about my labor and delivery and tell you all about the new little babe.

How to Make the Perfect Creamy Acai Bowl

creamy açaí bowl FITXSYD

Acai has been a new health craze for longer than a decade, but people have been consuming it for thousands of years in Brazil!  There are countless benefits to consuming this amazing berry. Acai is a nutrient-dense superfood that is high in healthy fats and low in sugar. Due to its extremely high level of antioxidants (twice as much as blueberries), it actually has anti-aging effects and is wonderful for your skin!  It is also known to boost your energy. Acai is linked to improving stamina, alertness, and the brain’s cognitive functioning. It is also full of fiber resulting in improving your digestion!  All these benefits are a huge plus because honestly I am just in love with the flavor of Aaci and obsessed with refreshing, thick smoothie bowls!

Step 1: You must have a quality blender.  I love my Vitamix and it helps get the consistency to be thick and creamy.  

Step 2: Always start with less liquid than you think! You can always add more.  Choose your non-dairy milk of choice! I usually use almond, cashew, or oat milk.

Step 3: Always use frozen fruit! There is nothing worse than a warm Acai Bowl… I typically use one frozen banana and two packets of frozen unsweetened acai. Start slowly blending your fruit with your milk and use the Vitamix wand to stir while it blends.

Step 4: Add your favorite Protein powder!  I will add 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Powder/ or one scoop of Silver Fern Brand, plant based Vanilla.  The powder will help the consistency to be more creamy and less icy.  

Step 5: Have a taste! I always stir and taste it to see if I need to add anything.. Either more liquid or fruit! 

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your Acai, pour it into a bowl and add your favorite toppings!  I love adding blueberries, granola, and nut butter! 

Step 7: ENJOY! 

Why FITXSYD & how I fell in love with Fitness

I remember the first time I ever took a group fitness class. I was 15 years old and I had a buddy pass to my mom’s fancy gym––this place was magical. I grew up going to “fit-kids” (the gym day care) while my mom would work out. We made forts, danced and bounced on those balls with the handle, and after we would always get lemon water and muffins. This place was basically heaven from a young age! As I grew older and more curious about working out, my mom gave me a pass to try out the gym. fitness classes and spa. The first class I took was called “Piloxing” and was a combo between Pilates and boxing. The teacher was the most energetic person I had ever seen and she filled the room with motivation and joy. I was hooked.

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Be a Conscious Coconut: health benefits of Coconut oil!

I have been a huge coconut oil fan for years, but when I heard about the brand Conscious Coconut my obsession grew to the next level. Not only is this company Organic, Fair Trade, and Cold Pressed… It gives back!! This company is committed to changing lives for the better. All of their products are packaged by adults with disabilities in Tampa Bay, FL. AND.. for every product sold, they donate a meal to a child in need through Feeding America! It really doesn’t get more incredible than that. I am so proud to support Conscious Coconut and share all the benefits of adding coconut oil to your daily life!

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My Top 5 Healthy Daily Habits

Here are my top 5 healthy daily habits!

  1. Drink Plenty of Water: As soon as I wake up I drink a large glass of water with some fresh squeezed lemon.  If you drink it lukewarm or hot it will help with waking up your body’s digestive system. Lemons are high in vitamin C, and help protect the body’s immune system.  Lemons will also aid in hydration and provide natural electrolytes. Also, drinking it in the morning helps maintain the PH balance of the body. Not only that, but it’s delicious! I also really make a point to stay hydrated throughout the day! Invest in a good water bottle, I love my HydroFlask so much!  If you love your water bottle you will drink more water haha!
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Benefits of Collagen

What exactly is Collagen and should you be adding it to your diet?! To be honest, when I first heard about Collagen a few years ago I was a little freaked out.  I haven’t eaten meat since High school because it was hard for my body to digest it and break it down. Since most collagen is made from the bone marrow and cartilage of cows, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to consume it.  Since my diet is mostly plant based, with also consuming eggs and eating fish about 3 times a week, I am always game to add more protein to my diet considering my very active lifestyle.  

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